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"I’ve experienced so many defining moments in my career: winning the World Series as a rookie shortstop, being named the Yankees captain, closing the old and opening the new Yankee Stadium. Through it all, I’ve never stopped chasing the next one. I want to finally stop the chase and take in the world."

Over the 19 seasons he has played in the major leagues, Jeter, who will retire this fall, has led the Yankees to 16 postseason appearances and five World Series titles. He has hit better than .400 in 10 different playoff series and is the all-time playoff leader in singles and doubles and is tied for the lead in triples (he is third in home runs and fourth in R.B.I.). Even if he was never the best player in the league during any given year — he never won an M.V.P. award, like the shortstops Alex Rodriguez, Miguel Tejada and Cal Ripken Jr. — he was almost certainly the best shortstop of his generation. His prime lasted until his late 30s, and he played his entire career at the game’s most difficult position, after catcher. His ultimate plus tool might have been the surreal equilibrium on display from the start.

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